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Our Review of Cattail Moonshine and Milkweed Medicine by Tammi Hartung

On top of having some of the most charming illustrations we've ever seen in an herb book, Cattail Moonshine & Milkweed Medicine is an engaging, entertaining read for herb enthusiasts of all ages. The stories and histories that are included for each plant will appeal to seasoned herbalists as well as children who are interested in learning more about plants. One of the things we loved about this book is how approachable it feels. It's light and fun and packed with interesting information in a way that doesn't feel too academic or sterile. A beautiful, artistic, easy-to-read volume written by an excellent storyteller; we recommend it for everyone!

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Read an excerpt from this title, along with an interview with the author, in the June 2017 issue of AromaCulture Magazine.

Our Review of Homegrown Herbs by Tammi Hartung

Our review for this title is coming soon.

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