Wonderful! We're always accepting submissions.

If you are a practicing herbalist, certified aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist, botanist, horticulturist or qualified holistic healthcare professional who works with plants, you are eligible to write for our magazine.


Take a look at our submissions schedule. Is there an issue that appeals to you and that will work with the timeline you have available for writing? Choose an issue you'd like to write for, brainstorm a couple of topic ideas, and then send us an email to let us know you plan to submit an article for that issue. We'll respond to let you know if your idea sounds like a good fit for us and, if it is, send along a bit more information for you. If you don't email us to give us a 'heads up,' we might not have a slot available for you in the issue you've chosen by the time you contact us, so it's always best to write to us ahead of time.




When you sit down to write your article, keep in mind that our audience is mainly comprised of practicing healthcare professionals and students of herbalism and aromatherapy. You'll want to write in a conversational, professional tone, as if you are presenting to a group of knowledgeable colleagues at a conference.


Things to know

  • Your article can be anywhere between 800 - 2,500 words in length and must be submitted in American English.

  • Accepted article formats are Word .doc files, Google .doc files, and .txt files.

  • Prior to submitting your article, it's a good idea to have a friend or colleague proofread and fact check it for you. (All data must be fact-checked.) Please make all grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections prior to submission.

  • All references must be cited via numbered notations within the article and a full list of corresponding numbered references at the end of the article. (Place citation numbers outside punctuation.)

  • All health claims must be backed up by a cited reference within the article and a full list of corresponding numbered references at the end of the article.

  • Articles that promote or encourage the sale or use of products derived from endangered species will not be published.

  • Please only submit articles that have not been previously published elsewhere, including your own website.

  • Please only use 1 space between the period that ends a sentence and the first letter of the next sentence. In the US, punctuation is placed inside quotation marks.


do not include

  • references to plants that are at-risk, endangered, or unsustainably harvested or products derived from those species, even in recipes (this is another resource). This includes references to essential oils derived from these species that are still being produced and made available on the market. References to products derived from endangered or at-risk species will be removed from your article.

  • references to plants or plant materials that cannot be grown / harvested in North America in quantities sufficient to support the industry (including Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, etc. - references to these plants will be removed from your article)

  • brand names or trademarks in relation to essential oils

  • the phrase "therapeutic grade" in reference to essential oils

  • recommendations for ingestion of essential oils

  • the words "treat," "treatment," “prevent” (can be used only with a cited reference to a very good study/trial), “cure,” “heal,” “healing,” “patient” or “medicine” (i.e. “herbal medicine”)

  • hyperlinks, website text, or references to websites other than your own or references to other professionals in the industry (footnotes allowed, of course)

  • references to: mythology, astrology, alcoholic drinks, “detox,” politics, cannabis, or controversial healthcare topics like vaccination

  • sales pitches for your own product, company, or service (these will be removed or moved to your bio and shortened if there is room)

  • abbreviations, i.e. “EOs” instead of “essential oils”



Once you've finished your article, have had it proofread and fact-checked, and have corrected any errors, you are ready to choose a title and submit your article! Try to develop a clever or informational title that will capture the attention of readers and make them want to read your article.

To make your submission, please do so through this form. If you have already had an article published in a past issue of the magazine, you may use this form instead.

You will need to have the following items ready to submit an article:

  • a brief professional bio (20-100 words max)

  • a professional quality headshot (300dpi) + photographer credit/website (Please make sure you have the photographer's permission to use the photo.)

  • your contact information (web address, email address, relevant social media links, etc. - however you'd like readers to be able to find you)

  • a 1/4 page ad, sized at 5" tall and 3.5" wide at 300dpi; pdf or jpg format accepted

(If you do not have a Google account, the form may not let you access it. Contact us if you have any issues.)



Once you have submitted your article or recipe, please wait to submit it elsewhere until you hear back from us. We respond to all submission requests within 10 business days. Once we have notified you that we have accepted your article or recipe for publication, please do not publish or submit it for publication elsewhere. We reserve the first right to publish. If you wish to use the article or recipe on your own website, you may do so 6 months after the magazine issue in which it is being published is released.

Please include the following statement with the article if you choose to publish it on your own website: "This article was originally published in the [insert Month/Year] issue of AromaCulture Magazine ( and has been adapted for use here with permission from the publisher."

*Note: Articles that are submitted must go through a review process and are not guaranteed to be published. In rare cases, our editors may decide that your article is not suitable to be included in the magazine issue very close to its publication date. If this is the case, we will notify you via email and you will then be free to publish your article elsewhere. This does not happen often, but it is a possibility to be aware of and it usually occurs because your article contains material that does not fall within industry standard safety guidelines regarding essential oil use. When we do choose to publish your article, we may edit it for grammatical purposes or to align with our submissions guidelines.


Each author whose article is accepted for publication will receive the following in exchange for their article:

  • a complimentary 1/4 page interactive ad in the issue in which your article appears ($250 value)

  • a complimentary digital copy of the issue in which your article is published

  • an interactive author feature space that includes your bio, photograph and clickable contact information so our readers can find you directly from your article

Extra Tidbits

  • Photos submitted with your article are not guaranteed to be included with your article in the magazine. If you do choose to submit photos, they must be your own, taken by you, and you must let us know in writing that you took the photos yourself and consent to have them included in the publication with your article. There is no guarantee that we will include them with your article, but you are welcome to submit them for consideration. Photos taken in natural, diffused light are more likely to be included than photos taken in harsh, bright, mid-day sun or artificial lighting.

  • Please do not submit your article to other publications until 3+ years after it has been published in our magazine. If an article published in our magazine is going to be published elsewhere after this 3 year period, please include the following statement in the article: "This article was originally published in the [insert Month/Year] issue of AromaCulture Magazine ( and has been adapted for use here with permission from the publisher." We would also appreciate it if you would send us an email to let us know that you will be published elsewhere so we can share your work. =)

for professionals, book authors & brands:

If you have a book, product or service you would like us to consider featuring in the magazine, on our blog, in an email newsletter, or on our resources page, please click here.

We reserve the right to update or change these guidelines at any time without notice. We also reserve the right edit all articles and recipes as we see fit to align with our submissions guidelines, safety guidelines, and for basic grammar, spelling, and readability purposes.