September 2017 Magazine Issue


September 2017 Magazine Issue


80 pages

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This special issue is centered around the theme of supporting healthy sleep with herbs and essential oils. Each in-depth article delves into therapeutic uses for the herb or essential oil being discussed and many of the pieces include recipes so you can learn to work with the botanicals yourself. There are also several fun recipes included in this issue, along with a couple of book features that include excerpts from the books, interviews with the author, and our review of the book.


  • Beyond Hops and Valerian: A Selection of Herbs for Sleep
    by Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

  • Insomnia: Facing the Challenge Naturally
    by Anna Doxie

  • Sleep Sweet Herbal Aromatherapy Butter Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Ayurvedic Influences on Aromatherapy Treatments for Sleep
    by Elizabeth Ashley

  • Say Goodnight Duo Recipe for Kids
    by Erin Stewart

  • Healing Herbal Teas: An Interview and Excerpt
    with Sarah Farr

  • Getting to the Root of Chronic Sleep Loss
    by Janna Shapero

  • Inhaling Lavender: Further Evidence for Improved Sleep
    by Valerie Cooksley

  • Time to Wind Down Herbal Foot Bath Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Flower Power: An Introduction to Flower Essences for Relaxation
    by Amy Emnett

  • Remembering Dreams
    by Brigitte Mars

  • Off to Dreamland Herbal Pillow Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Ayurveda and Sleep: Determining Sleep Problems by Dosha
    by Candice May

  • Improving Sleep With Aromatherapy
    by Anita James

  • Support Healthy Sleep Naturally With Herbs
    by Ellen Kamhi

  • Aromatherapy for Sleep Enhancement
    by Jennifer Pressimone

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