May 2017 Magazine Issue


May 2017 Magazine Issue


78 pages

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This issue is centered around easy-to-grow garden herbs and useful weeds (and the essential oils produced by them), growing your own herbs, and ways to use them in herbalism and aromatherapy. Each article delves into therapeutic uses for the herb or essential oil being discussed and many of the pieces include recipes so you can learn to work with the botanical yourself.


  • Dandelion: A Glorious Little Garden Weed
    by Rosemary Gladstar

  • Top 10 Herbs to Grow for Tea
    by Denise Cusack

  • Herbal Chai Tea
    by Erin Stewart

  • Therapeutics of Lamiaceae Family Essential Oils
    by Carole Hodges

  • Golden Herbal Tea Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Dandelion: A Snapshot of a Wonderful Weed
    by Lori Wilkins

  • Buzz, Buzz, Buzz...Keeping Mosquitoes Away
    by Shannon Becker

  • Medicine in the Garden: Using Culinary Herbs
    by Anne-Marie Bilella

  • Weedy Garden Herbal Facial Serum
    by Erin Stewart

  • An Interview & Book Excerpt
    with Rosalee de la Forêt, author of Alchemy of Herbs

  • Growing Your Own Medicinal Herbs
    by Donna Eaton

  • Meet an Herbalist in Business: An Interview
    with Tara & Jeff of MeowMeowTweet

  • Chemotypes of Rosemary Essential Oil
    by Cathy Breiner

  • Herbal Garden Sprinkles
    by Erin Stewart

  • Mints In My Garden
    by Paula Begel

  • How to Make Paper with Herbs
    by Erin Stewart

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