March 2017 Magazine Issue


March 2017 Magazine Issue


68 pages

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  • Aromatherapy for Children with Anxiety
    by Amy Emnett

  • Sinus Decongesting Ointment Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Laurel Leaf Essential Oil Profile
    by Michelle Gilbert

  • Herbal Flea Repellent Powder for Dogs
    by Erin Stewart

  • Meet an Herbalist Interview
    with Michelle Tyson of Seed Skincare

  • Healing Wounds and Scars, Part Two
    by Kelly Holland Azzaro

  • Tending Mother Ocean: Herbs for the Lymph
    by Elaine Sheff

  • Blending from Plant Parts for Emotional Healing
    by Liz Fulcher

  • Plantain First Aid Salve Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Meet an Herbalist Interview
    with Briar Winters of Marble & Milkweed

  • Best Practices for Using Essential Oils When Children Are Sick
    by Leslie Moldenauer

  • Lymphedema: a Challenge Faced by the Lymphatic System
    by Anna Doxie

  • How Essential Oils Can Affect and Support the Lymphatic System
    by Linda-Anne Kahn

  • Lymphatic Support Cream Recipe
    by Erin Stewart

  • Meet an Herbalist Interview
    with Dr. Sarah Villafranco of Osmia Organics

  • Case Study: Aromatherapy and Asthma
    by Cathy Breiner


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