Lemon Botanical Profile Printable Reference Guide


Lemon Botanical Profile Printable Reference Guide

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This listing is for a digital file for my in-depth printable reference guide for Lemon, both the herb and the essential oil. You can read more about my study and work with Lemon here.

This reference guide is 9 pages long and includes:

  • Introduction to Lemons
  • Introduction to Lemon Essential Oil
  • Therapeutic properties of Lemons and Lemon Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil Safety Considerations & Shelf Life Information
  • Emotions & Energetics
  • Essential Oil Uses
  • Essential Oil Additional Facts
  • List of Bodily Systems Supported by Lemon Essential Oil
  • Traditional Uses of Lemons
  • Lemons Additional Facts

I recommend having this reference guide printed 2-sided on card stock at your local office supply store - you'll have a long-lasting, inspiring reference guide to include in your aromatherapy notebook!

For educational purposes only. No refunds on digital items.

May not be shared, copied, distributed, or published in any form without express prior written permission from me.