January 2018 Magazine Issue

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January 2018 Magazine Issue


84 pages

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This issue of AromaCulture Magazine is centered around the digestive system and supporting digestive function with herbs and aromatherapy. Each in-depth article delves into therapeutic uses for the herb(s) or essential oil(s) being discussed and many of the articles include recipes so you can learn to work with the botanicals yourself. There are also several recipes and DIY tutorials in this issue.


  • Digestive Health
    by Karta Purkh (K.P.) Sing Khalsa

  • Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils for Digestive Health
    by Marco Valussi

  • Tummy Tea, a Digestive Support Formula
    by Erin Stewart

  • Essential Oils for Constipation
    by Sonee Singh

  • Belly Rub Ointment
    by Erin Stewart

  • An Herbalist's Guide to Formulary: an Interview + Excerpt
    with author Holly Bellebuono

  • Gut Health: Formulating Custom Herbal Teas for Digestion
    by Katja Swift

  • Herbal Approaches to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    by Dr. Marisa Marciano

  • Tummy Trouble Herbal Aromatherapy Roll-On Blend
    by Erin Stewart

  • Digestion and Hippocratic Aromatherapy
    by Michelle Bardwell

  • Plant Diversity and Digestive Healing
    by Katolyn Yardley

  • Seal Up that Leaky Gut: 8 Herbs for the Digestive Tract
    by Charlotte Kikel

  • Anti-Nausea Smelling Salts
    by Erin Stewart

  • Oxygen, Herbs and Digestion
    by Morwenna Given

  • Growing Herbal Tea for Digestion
    by Natalie Mady

  • Traditional Native American Herbs for Healthy Digestion
    by Lisa Bedner

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