August 2018 Magazine Issue

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August 2018 Magazine Issue


78 pages

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This issue of AromaCulture Magazine is centered around grief, trauma and clinical partnerships. Herbalists, aromatherapists, and holistic health practitioners have come together to create a beautiful, extremely helpful issue for you and I think you'll find the articles we've included educational. I hope you enjoy it!


  • The Nature of Grief and How Herbs Can Help
    by Robin Rose Bennett

  • Addressing Childhood Trauma with Clinical Partnerships
    by Cynthia Tamlyn and Lea Pfeifer

  • Aromatherapy Roll-On for Seasons of Grief
    by Erin Stewart

  • Trauma-Informed Practice in Herbalism + Aromatherapy
    by Denise Cusack

  • Hugs for the Heart Smelling Salts
    by Erin Stewart

  • Holistic Tools for Managing Grief

  • by Patrice Green

  • Staying Afloat in a Sea of Grief and Trauma
    by Jennifer Eden Clark

  • Hospice and Aromatherapy in the USA: My Experience
    by Robin Kessler

  • Healing Heart Perfumed Salve
    by Erin Stewart

  • Healing Grief: Strategies for Self Care and Plant Allies
    by Brigitte Mars

  • Heart Centered Herbal Tea
    by Erin Stewart

  • Authentic Aromatherapy: An Excerpt and Interview
    with author Sharon Falsetto

  • A Moment of Relief Diffuser Blend
    by Erin Stewart

  • Plants and Strategies to Assist in Healing of Grief and Trauma
    by Brenda Bordogna MS, MCHES, CCMH

  • The Effect of Grief on the Lungs and Aromatherapeutic Support
    by Anita James, Cert. Ed., APAIA, MIFPA

  • Essential Oils and Grief
    by Carol Pedersen CMT, RA

  • Aromatherapy for Grief and Trauma
    by Shira Jayson

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