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Our Review of The Gift of Healing Herbs by Robin Rose Bennett

This book covers Robin's teachings around healing, a variety of herbal preparations, herbs for the different body systems, kitchen herbalism, wounds and bruises, and tips for other things that may not have specifically fit into another category. The book includes over 200 recipes, many of them formulated for specific ailments, and also includes information about ethical wildharvesting. The herbal monographs are arranged by bodily system and include historical uses and recipes for each herb covered.

The sketched illustrations are quite lovely and I love the way the book really follows the thought that "everything is medicine." It's written with much joy in working with the plants and I really appreciate the author's unique approach to writing about them.

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Favorite quotes from the book:

  • "If you look for the love letter in everything that happens, you will stand a better chance of seeing the love that is everywhere." (page 505)
  • "When you harvest and make preparations, be aware that everything you are thinking, feeling, and talking about becomes part of your medicine. Gathering and making medicine is a simple process, but it is also a sacred act. Be mindful. Be open-hearted. Your medicines will reflect this and be stronger for it. I like to sing when I gather and make medicine, so the medicine has music in it, too. Create a sense of sacred space when you craft medicine, and when you decant it." (page 31)
  • "A gifted herbalist works like a matchmaker, connecting people and plants that will do well together." (page 20)

Things that are mentioned in the book that may be of concern to certain populations:

  • speaks of Buddhist teachings at least once
  • an astrologer is quoted at least once