Nicolette Perry

88 Nicolette Perry: Your Brain on Plants

Conversation with Nicolette Perry



Topics covered in this episode

  • Summary of her book “Your Brain on Plants”

  • Herbs and herbal recipes that are considered to be Calming Balms

  • Sleep promoting herbs

  • Plant Panaceas

  • Herbal recipes from the book

About Nicolette Perry

Nicolette is a pharmacognosist – who studies plants and their chemicals for health and medicine. As director of science and education at Dilston Physic Garden (a garden overgrown and brimming with medicinal plants and a charity for education) in the wilds of Northumberland UK, she has a particular interest in the science behind how plants work in the brain, having completed a Ph.D. in Salvia for Alzheimer’s disease, recently completed a book on plants for memory, mood and mind and currently running a second clinical trial testing plants for memory.

Connect with Nicolette Perry

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