Cathy Skipper

13 Cathy Skipper: Aromatic Support through Menopause

Interview with Cathy Skipper



Topics covered in this episode

  • Shifting to a positive view of the Menopausal journey
  • Peri-menopause and it's various stages
  • How the Limbic System is effected during Menopause
  • Advice for using Herbs and Essential Oils during the Menopausal journey
  • How to choose specific herbs and essential oils
  • How Cathy uses Cistus Essential Oil

About Cathy Skipper

Cathy, is English by birth and spent her adult life in rural France, where she farmed, trained and worked as a herbalist and aromatherapist and taught practical herbalism, botany and aromatherapy at the L’Ecole Lyonnaise de Plantes Medicinales’ in Lyon. Cathy’s work involves building bridges between aromatic medicine and herbalism as well as recognizing the importance of healing the healer and reconnecting with nature. In her teaching she marries, theory, practical work and energetics with an underlying intention of helping students develop an intuitive relationship between themselves, the plant/essential oil and the patient as an impetus for healing.


Where to find Cathy Skipper

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