69 Joan Sorita: Animal Aromatherapy

Conversation with JOAN SORITA




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Topics covered in this episode

  • What aromatics can be useful for animal therapies?

  • Explanation of the “Self Selection” method of choosing the right aromatics

  • Specific essential oils and herbs that are useful for animal therapies

  • Aromatic for common ailments like: digestion, muscle soreness, trauma and emotional issues

  • Safe use and dilution guidelines

  • Essential oils that should be avoided around pets

  • Which pets should not be around essential oils?

  • Specific aromatic advice for horses

  • Specific aromatic advice for dogs


Joan Sorita is a certified animal and human aromatherapist, Director and developer of the Animal Aromatic Science course at Northwest school of animal massage on Vashon Island, Wa. Joan also helped co-found the NWSAM in Washington. She is also an educator, author and speaker on animal aromatics and self-selection applications as well as a level two NAHA member.  With over 19 years of field experience with animal aromatics and bodywork work from world qualifying horses to long term layups on her farm in Washington, Joan learned about massage on horses from Olivia Newton John where she worked as a right-hand person managing the animals on the farm. She has spent many hours of volunteer shelter work and still teaches short free community classes on massage and aromas.  Joan Thrives on her 16-acre farm raising flowers that she uses for essences for animals and people.  Classes and events are held seasonally at Bermaga Farm. Joan has been on many radio shows sharing her experiences and is a regular on coffee talk radio with Doug McDowell KBKW 100.5 FM.

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