28 Pam Conrad: Supporting Women's Health with Aromatherapy

Interview with Pam Conrad




Topics covered in this episode

  • What is Evidence Based Aromatherapy?

  • How does Aromatherapy fit in a clinical setting?

  • How Aromatherapy can be effective to support women during childbirth.

  • Addressing Postpartum Depression with Aromatherpy

  • The specific oils used in clinical settings

  • The importance of proper Essential Oil training

  • Supporting women athletes with Aromatherapy

  • Using Aromatherapy in OB/GYN units

About Pam Conrad

Pam Conrad’s PGd, BSN, RN, CCAP specialty is Women’s Health Clinical Aromatherapy.  She is a Purdue trained nurse with many years experience in the fields of trauma, cardiology, psych and women’s health. Exploring preventive medicine and holistic therapies led her to clinical aromatherapy certification through Jane Buckles nursing course in 2000. She then studied advanced clinical aromatherapy and graduate complementary therapy studies with nurses, doctors and midwives in England and France for two years.  Returning to the US in 2003 with a goal to bring aromatherapy to bedside nursing, she developed evidence-based curriculum in Women’s Health aromatherapy the foundation for multiple nursing and midwifery courses, hospital programs and published clinical research in postpartum aromatherapy.

Where to find Pam Conrad

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