25 Robbi Zeck: Using Essential Oils with Aromatic Kinesiology

Interview with Robbi Zeck




Topics covered in this episode

  • What is Kinesiology?
  • What is Aromatic Kinesiology and how are essential oils used in this modality
  • Aromatic anchoring
  • Using aromatics to do emotional work with clients
  • Introduction to Robbi's tool the "Aromatic Barometer"
  • Aromatic profiles from her book using the Aromatic Barometer

About Robbi Zeck

Robbi Zeck has a professional background in Naturopathy, Counselling and Kinesiology spanning thirty-five years. She has taught hundreds of seminars worldwide and is passionate about inspiring people to live and learn through the heart. In addition to working with private clients from all walks of life, her workshops and retreats assist people to embrace the life they truly desire to be leading. Her heart focused programs have been conducted in France, Ireland, Bali, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Aroma Tours was established in 1994 with her husband Jim Llewellyn. Their boutique tour company escorts people to beautiful places where perfumery, aromatic plants, essential oils, fascinating history and culture can be experienced in exquisite locations. Since its inception they have shared their journeys with people from all walks of life from over 30 countries.

Where to find Robbi Zeck

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