23 Danielle Sade: Essential Oil Product Formulation

Interview with Danielle Sade




Topics covered in this episode

  • The chemistry our our skin and how that relates to product formulation
  • Strategies to help avoid negative skin reactions from the beauty products you create
  • How to preform a spot test
  • How to avoid sensitization
  • Using antioxidants to avoid oxidation of you products
  • Using essential oils as preservatives in your beauty products
  • Carrier oils and their role in product formulation
  • Choosing the right essential oils for the products you create

About Danielle Sade

Danielle Sade (BSc CAHP) is an Aromatherapy Educator, Author and the founder of the Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy. She has over three decades of experience working with plant based medicine and essential oils.  Her newest book is The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide which is a great resource for creating essential oil products.

Where to find Danielle Sade

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