18 Katie Hess: An Introduction to Flower Essences

Interview with Katie Hess



Topics covered in this episode

  • What Flower Essences are and how they are made
  • The historic uses of Flower Essences
  • The energetic qualities of flowers
  • Specific ways that Flower Essences can support our well-being
  • Specific Flower Essence profiles and what they support
  • Case studies supporting the effectiveness of Flower Essences

About Katie Hess

Katie Hess is author of “Flower Evolution” and founder of LOTUSWEI, the world's leading floral apothecary. Her signature elixirs have been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, and the LA Times and her flower-powered community is thriving in over 15 countries. Katie’s magic has sparked a fire with leading brands: from Flowerlounges to exclusive scents and products, apothecaries to blending bars, Katie has infused her transformative touch into collaborations with the world’s top spas, beauty stores and more. Whether it’s a retreat in the hot springs of Iceland, her meditations, or her travels to find the planet’s rarest flowers, her work all boils down to bringing people into a whole new world, both outside and in.

Where to find Katie Hess

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