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Our Review of Body Into Balance by Maria Groves

Maria's new book is absolutely beautiful and a joy to read. The photography, artwork and design are stunning, making this one of the most lovely herbal books in my library. The thoughtful format makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to read. Some herbal manuals make for heavy reading and are best suited for use as reference tools, but this one is so lovely and written in such an engaging, holistic way that it's actually fun to read straight through. Herbs are grouped together in a way that makes sense and are presented thoroughly, with beautiful photographs and useful, unique recipes. The book is printed in full color on rich paper, which I really appreciate as an artistic, detail-oriented person.

The final chapters of the book cover harvesting different kinds of herbs, storing them, wildcrafting, ways to process herbs, tips for buying them, dosing, and choosing remedies.

My favorite thing about this pretty little herbal is the entirely holistic approach. Not many herb books are written from this perspective, so it's so refreshing to read one that is and that is done so well. The organized presentation is appealing and truly makes the book one of the easiest to navigate. Nutritional information is included throughout the book as well.

Herbal profiles within the book include information about each herb's availability, key properties and additional benefits, preparations, safety information and herbs that act similarly and/or can be used as substitutes.

A perfect addition to any herbal library.

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You can read an interview with the author and see an excerpt from this book in the January 2017 issue of AromaCulture Magazine. To purchase a copy of this title, click here.*