NEW FOR 2018



Erin's new book, The Lavender Guide, is an immersive handbook for raising Lavender and using it in the home and in the apothecary. Erin will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully grow happy, healthy Lavender plants. You'll also learn how to harvest, distill, and use different varieties of Lavender, its hydrosol, and essential oil in your home and apothecary. If you love Lavender, you won't want to miss this one!




Erin Stewart is an herbalist, certified aromatherapist, artist, photographer, and organic gardener. She grows over 70 different kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants, along with over 90 different varieties of Lavender. She is a professional member of NAHA, OLA, and USLGA, is based in the PNW and is the founder of and AromaCulture's herbalism and aromatherapy magazine.