Herbal Aromatherapy

Herbal Aromatherapy™ is a series of courses we have created using our unique teaching method to train students to utilize plant therapies in a holistic, sustainable, and effective way. We teach people how to utilize all of the different plant products that can be produced from a single plant (including the dried herb, tincture, flower essence, essential oil, hydrosol, etc.), how to know when to use one over another, and how to create effective, synergistic blends with them.

The Herbal Aromatherapy™ method focuses on bioregional sustainability and a rich level of involvement in our work with the plants, including growing and processing many of them ourselves. This includes distillation training for students who wish to work with hydrosols and essential oils.

The Herbal Aromatherapy™ courses will be opening for online enrollment through our online school later in 2018 and throughout 2019 (for the higher level courses) and participants who complete the Level Two course will be awarded the title Herbal Aromatherapist™ to help distinguish them as practitioners who are trained in the Herbal Aromatherapy™ method.

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