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Introducing Our New School!

I've been double checking and triple checking this blog post for awhile now to make sure that it's just right because I've been so nervous-excited to share it with you! It feels like such a big deal because it's about one of those things that we've worked so hard on for so long and to know that it's finally being birthed into the world as something real feels more like it's still a dream than a reality. Have you ever felt that way about something? It's a hard feeling to explain. Nevertheless...

Jon and I are thrilled to announce that our online school is now open!


I can't believe it! It seems so surreal to know that it's finally up and that in just a few short days, we'll be opening our very first online workshop for enrollment!

It fills us with so much hope to think that we might be able to share what we know to help inspire and help you as you continue to learn more about plants and sustainability and living in harmony with the earth and all of the living beings that dwell on it.


So let's talk a little bit about what you can expect...


Aromaculture + the magazine

First, we want to assure you that the magazine will still continue to live here at AromaCulture.com. It's not moving over to the new school's website. This means that everything magazine-related will still be right here where you're used to seeing it. The site is staying the same, so you'll still be able to find the magazine issues (past and present) here in the shop.


the BLOG

Because I really want to focus on making sure that I'm only putting out high quality content for you, I've decided to continue writing only one blog post each week (which is what I do right now). Instead of trying to write one post for AromaCulture and one post for Floranella each week, I'm going to continue to write one post a week and, from now on, the blog posts will be published each week on Floranella.com.

The only reason I'm moving the blog over to the new website is that it makes sense for me to keep the majority of the educational content I'm writing in one place and since the school is going to be the online home for that, it's the best place for the blog to live from now on.

If you already get an email letter from me every Tuesday, you'll still receive a link to the blog post each week, but the link to it will take you to the blog post on Floranella instead of AromaCulture.


the podcast

The podcast will continue to live here at AromaCulture, at least for now.


weekly emails from me

To keep things simple so I can focus on quality over quantity and avoid sending duplicate content to people, I'm going to continue to have just one email letter list instead of having two separate lists. So whether you sign up for our insiders list here at AromaCulture or Floranella, the email sent out each week will be the same (you'll only receive one, not one per brand, so you don't need to sign up again at Floranella if you already get letters from me on Tuesdays). The emails will look a lot like the ones you're already used to seeing from me, with a link to the week's blog post, podcast episode, etc., but they will say that they're from Erin Stewart instead of saying that they're from one of the brands - AromaCulture or Floranella - since each email is essentially a weekly letter from me anyway.


the insiders group on facebook

Our online Facebook community for our Insiders group will be shared by AromaCulture insiders and Floranella insiders. If you're already a member of our Insiders Facebook community, you don't need to join again through Floranella (it's the same group).


social media

I'll be updating my social media handles in the next few days so that I can continue to maintain just one account per platform where I can post about all things Floranella + AromaCulture in one place (instead of having separate accounts for each that look a lot alike). The content won't be changing; just the username. I'll update links accordingly.


Hopefully all that makes sense. =)


here's a look at what's coming at floranella...

In just a few days, we'll be opening enrollment for our Summer Foraging workshop. In it, you'll learn how to properly identify, forage for, and harvest + use 12 common edible and medicinal plants in a way that is sustainable, ethical, and that helps rather than harms the local ecology. Jon has really done an excellent job with these seasonal foraging workshops and we're both really excited to share them with you throughout the year. We'll release a seasonal foraging workshop each quarter until all of the seasons have been covered.

You can learn more about the Summer Foraging workshop by clicking here.


In the fall, I'll be opening my Herbal Aromatherapy™ Level One course, which will be a more lengthy course teaching you how to sustainably and effectively use about 25 medicinal plants in all of their forms: herb (and herbal preparations), hydrosol, essential oil, etc. so that you can be fully equipped to make use of them in your own apothecary. It's really been a labor of love putting it together and I can't wait until it's completely ready to share it with you. (You can find brief previews from it here and here.) There are quite a few things about this course that make it really unique, but I'll share more about those things in the coming months. =)

Before you go, I've recorded a quick video here for you to just chat with you about some of these things...

I can't thank you all enough for your support as we've been working to get these things ready to share with you. We really have the best community, I think, and I am so excited to continue learning with you all.

Much love,