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How to Make (& Use) Lilac Flower Honey

My father-in-law absolutely loves Lilacs. I think it's safe to say they're his favorite flower. I love them too, and now that I live in an area where there are many, many varieties of them in cultivation, I'm really enjoying getting to work with them. There's nothing quite like their lovely fragrance! One of our Lilac plants decided to flower for us this year, which was an unexpected blessing because I was thinking that it probably wouldn't produce flowers for several more years! I've been painting and pressing its blooms and enjoying them in sweet recipes like this one. I hope you enjoy it!


Harvest a couple of clusters of Lilac flowers from the plant on a dry, sunny morning and bring them into the kitchen. I like to gently tap them on a tea towel to dislodge the critters that like to take up residence deep inside the flowers, then soak them in a bowl of clean water for just a minute to rinse them out. Lay the flower clusters out on a clean cloth to dry. You can gently towel-dry them if you don't want to wait for them to air dry.

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Once they're free of water droplets and residual moisture, place the flowers into your infusing jar and pour raw honey over them until they're completely covered. They'll all float up to the top of the honey and stick together in a little colony there, so feel free to add more Lilac flowers after you've seen how much room is left in your jar.

Leave the honey to infuse for a couple of days, then strain out the Lilac flowers and store. You can also add another fresh batch of flowers to the honey at this point and repeat the process if you want your honey to be doubly as strong.

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This infused honey can be drizzled on toast or pastries, used in herbal shrubs or sodas, or added to popsicles or sorbets. I hope you give it a try if you have Lilacs blooming in your area! =) Make sure you harvest from clean, unsprayed, unpolluted areas and always ask permission from the owner first if the plants are on private property.

Are the lilacs blooming where you are? Do you have a favorite variety?

Much love,

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