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How to Make Lotion Bars with Herbs and Essential Oils

Gift giving is my love language. I enjoy the whole process - discovering what would touch someone's heart, making or purchasing the gift, wrapping it up in the prettiest of packaging and surprising my friend or loved one with it. Lately, I've been experimenting with different recipes that could make good gifts and be made ahead of time. Lotion bars are turning out to be my favorites. They're quick and easy to make (even in large batches), look lovely, can be stored in cute little tins, and are perfect as massage bars or as after-shower moisturizing lotion. I shared one of my top recipes for them in the February issue of AromaCulture magazine and thought I'd share it with you as a sneak peek inside the magazine here on the blog in celebration of Valentine's Day.


  • 50 grams organic Rose petal infused Jojoba
  • 30 grams organic Shea butter
  • 20 grams organic Cocoa butter
  • 20 grams organic beeswax
  • 20 drops organic Lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops organic Sweet Orange essential oil
  • Supplies: molds for your lotion bars, double boiler, storage tins

Note: You can purchase high quality essential oils from reputable companies here and here.


To make your lotion bars, start by melting the beeswax over low heat in a double boiler, then add the Cocoa butter to it. Once both are melted, stir in the Rose infused Jojoba oil. Turn off the heat and stir in the Shea butter until everything is thoroughly incorporated, then stir in the essential oils. Pour the mixture into your mold and let everything sit to cool until the lotion bars are solid.

Store the bars in small tins or jars. To use, massage into the skin after washing hands or showering to seal in moisture. (When used this way, they don't leave behind any oiliness!) They can also be used as moisturizing massage oil bars.

I hope you enjoy the recipe! If you decide to make some bars like these, share a picture with us in our Facebook group!

Much love,