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A Personal Update + A Giveaway: Enter to Win a One-Year Subscription (Closed)

Note: This is a personal update post, not an educational post like the ones you're used to seeing around here. If you're not interested in those kinds of posts, feel free to skip this one. =) I do have a giveaway to share with you at the end of the post, though, so you may want to stick around for that. *giveaway closed*

Our home is currently a mess of boxes and packing paper and bubble wrap and all manner of half-organized mess. My closet has a suitcase in it instead of its usual drawers or hangers and the kitchen now has a stack of paper plates in the cabinet. Our family is moving from our little studio in southern California to a home in the Pacific Northwest and our POD was delivered today, so we've been making trips to and from the parking lot and our third floor apartment for the past 12 hours. (Thank God for my strong husband and brothers and their muscles!) By the time you're able to read this post, it'll be Tuesday morning and we'll be loading up the last of the boxes and looking at a very empty studio.

When my husband and I were married almost 8 years ago, we started out in a little apartment in the middle of the desert and we've since moved 5 different times. I won't lie - the moving process is always exhausting. But this move is pretty special for us. We're moving into a house for the first time. We're moving to a brand new, wilderness-filled state that we love, complete with GMO-free counties and fluoride-free water. Our new town is peaceful and comes with a generous dose of charm and friendly people. A stark contrast to our traffic-at-all-hours busy city street and the chronic smog cloud that seems to ever loom around the freeways here. Don't get me wrong - we love our beautiful coastal state - but we crave fresh air and the quiet stillness of nature. We've been working toward being able to buy land and build a life on it (growing our own organic food and cultivating an herbal sanctuary, among other things) and this is a huge step in that direction for us. It's feeling a bit crazy and a lot scary at the moment, but mostly, it's exciting. It also doesn't hurt that our new home will have a dedicated apothecary room from which I can work on AromaCulture and blend and write to my heart's content!

We decided to make this move after we visited the Pacific Northwest in August and fell in love with it. We visited several herb farms and hiked through forested, fern-filled trails with waterfalls and wild herbs and our hearts sang right along with the fullness of nature's melody. We're moving just in time to get our spring garden planted and I can hardly wait for all of the fragrant herbs, cheery blooms, and vibrant veggies to greet me every time I step outside the back door!

With all that moving entails, please be patient with me if I'm a bit slow to answer your emails over the next week or two. This is a huge transition for us and there will be days when we don't have internet access or are just too tired to think about turning on the computer. =) But, that said, I did want to do something special so that you all could celebrate with us as we transition into this new life stage, which leads me to the giveaway!


I'm giving away a one year subscription to AromaCulture Magazine to TWO lucky winners! If you haven't read the magazine yet, it focuses on herbalism and aromatherapy and features educational articles, case studies, and recipes from practicing herbalists and professional (certified) aromatherapists. To enter the giveaway, you must:

  1. Be a subscriber to our mailing list. (It's free - you can sign up through the form at the end of this blog post.)
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  3. Leave a comment below to let me know where you shared your post.

NOTE: This giveaway is closed. Our winners are Shannon B. and Cassie B. I'll be emailing both of you with more information. Thank you to everyone who entered and for all of your kind words of support in the comments!

Much love,