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Essential Oil Therapeutic Properties: Analgesic

Essential oils that contain analgesic properties are those that help to relieve or numb pain. I've found in my own practice that almost every blend I make for clients has some sort of analgesic component included in it. After all, the most common reason people look to natural remedies [outside of preventive care] is to find a natural way to assist in managing whatever level of pain they're feeling, whether emotionally or physically. Let's take a look at how these oils work to help us, shall we?


On a physical level, oils with analgesic properties can help with relieving or numbing physical pain. A muscle sprain, bug bite, or general aches and pains would all fall into this category. Can you think of some other physical issues that would be included? Recovering from an injury, an aching back, headaches, sore muscles after a tough workout... they all involve some kind of pain. Analgesic oils work to help numb that pain so we can find relief and continue to function as best we can in our situation. Take a few moments to study each of your oils with analgesic properties before choosing to include one in a blend. You'll find that some of them will be best suited for use on the skin while others will be better utilized via inhalation. Some are best suited for muscle pain while others will be indicated for nerve-related pain. Studying your oils helps you connect with them and get to know them better so you'll know which one to use and when. This extra study time will also help you become more familiar with the safety considerations, contraindications and proper dilution percentages related to each oil - some are so strong that only 1 or 2 drops should be used in an ounce of carrier oil!


Within the emotional or energetic spectrum, analgesic oils can be suitable for issues that involve non-physical pain. What are some of the situations that would be included in this area? An obvious one would be loss of a loved one or close friend - the grieving process involves an incredible and sometimes crippling amount of pain. Betrayal, anger, disappointment, upset, sadness, distress, shock and guilt are also emotions that can be painful to work through. Many times analgesic oils are paired with nervous system supportive oils when dealing with emotional or energetic issues. The two together can create a stronger synergy that supports the person by loosening pain and supporting the mind at the same time. Can you think of a specific instance in which an analgesic oil would be helpful on an emotional level?

Here is a pin-able reference list of some of the more common oils with analgesic properties:

If you'd like a printable reference sheet you can keep in your aromatherapy notebook, click here. I've created a lovely one just for you!


Leave a comment below with the following:

  • either a physical or emotional/energetic condition that involves some level of pain
  • the analgesic essential oil you would use to relieve it
  • what kind of blend you would make to address the issue

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