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Essential Oil Therapeutic Properties: Antispasmodic

Welcome to AromaCulture! Today I'm starting a new blog series all about the different therapeutic properties of essential oils. Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting a collection of intensive reference posts that you can save and look back on as you continue to grow in your own knowledge of aromatherapy. I'm kicking off the series with a study of antispasmodic oils. Ready to dive in?

Antispasmodic essential oils can be utilized to support us both energetically and physically. Physically, they are used to help relieve muscle spasms and cramps of both voluntary and involuntary muscles. Physical issues that would be considered spasmodic could include things like menstrual cramps, tight muscles after a work out or a spasmodic cough. Many of the oils in this category tend to be especially effective when used to support the particular organ or system each oil has an affinity for. For example, one oil could be specifically indicated for the reproductive system (think menstrual cramps) while another would be better suited to supporting the respiratory system. When choosing which oils to use for spasmodic conditions, take a few extra minutes to study the different oils you're considering. This little bit of extra research will help you get to know your oils better over time and it will also give you the tools you need to choose the oil(s) that will be most effective for your particular situation.

Oils with antispasmodic properties can also be useful when dealing with emotions or energetic work. Take a moment to try to think of an emotion that an antispasmodic oil could help with. Generally, the emotions that involve a feeling of squeezing, pressure, tightness, tension, or feeling cramped in the inner being are the ones that you would want to choose an antispasmodic oil for. Can you think of any? Anger, frustration and fear are a few that come to mind. Using antispasmodic oils to help release that energetic tension and get the energy flowing freely there again can be quite therapeutic when dealing with emotional support.

Here is a pin-able reference list of the most common essential oils with antispasmodic properties:

If you'd like a printable reference sheet you can keep in your aromatherapy notebook, click here. I've created a lovely one just for you!


Leave a comment below with the following:

  • either a physical or emotional/energetic spasmodic condition
  • the antispasmodic essential oil you would use to relieve it
  • what kind of blend you would make to address the issue

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The information in this study was compiled for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any illness or symptom. All photos and graphics are copyright Erin Stewart. Information provided was gathered from personal experience and from 50+ books from my personal aromatic/herbal library. May not be distributed, copied, or published without express prior written permission from me.