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Our Review of Essential Living by Andrea Butje

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Our Review of The Heart of Aromatherapy by Andrea Butje

I think every aromatherapist dreams of visiting far off distilleries and meeting the artisans who so lovingly craft our beautiful essential oils. Reading Andrea's new book instantly transported me to the beautiful French countryside filled with fields of fragrant lavender and introduced me to many of these skilled distillers. I just couldn't get enough of the "Behind the Bottle - Essential Oil Distiller" pages! What a lovely way to get to know some of the folks who are growing our therapeutic plants...and from right here in our studio!

Andrea's book is a breath of fresh air in the aromatherapy industry. It's written from such a vibrant place of love and connection and it left me feeling inspired and filled with so much gratitude for this space. Truly, we are so blessed to be able to work with the plants to support health and healing and this book presents our precious oils in such a lovely way.

Andrea begins by sharing a bit of her own story and, through her engaging writing style, brings us along on her journey with her so we can experience bits of it too.

She provides a wonderful sort of introduction to using and storing essential oils safely and effectively before highlighting a few of her favorite carrier oils and butters. These carrier oil profiles are just the right size. They include some great info about the plants from which the carriers come, production, and their therapeutic uses, along with some suggestions for use in blends. I always appreciate it when authors include information about carriers! They have therapeutic properties of their own  that, when utilized, can help us to create such effective and potent synergies with our essential oils, yet they are sometimes forgotten.

The essential oil profiles in Andrea's book are presented in such a way that we can see each oil's particular therapeutic affinities, some suggestions for purposeful
inclusion in blends, as well as things of note regarding

safe use of the oil. My favorite features, though, are the stories Andrea has developed for each oil. She's sort of 'tapped in' to the personality of each oil and written a character profile for each one, introducing us to them as if they were alive. I particularly appreciated this approach because this is how I think of plants and oils, so it was so refreshing to read stories about my dear oil friends in language that I identify with. Personally, I believe in teaching children about the ways we use the plants and passing our wisdom on to the next generations, so I really love the idea of reading these story pages with kids so they can get to know the oils in a way that is easy to understand, memorable, and engaging for them.

Andrea has thoughtfully included over 100 beautiful recipes in the book as well, ranging from natural cleaning products to meditation enhancing blends and products for supporting various systems and functions of the body. The recipes include substitutes that can be used if you want to make the recipe safe for use with children as well, which is a useful addition.

Andrea's new book belongs in every aromatherapist's library. Thanks for sharing so generously with our community, Andrea!

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You can find an interview with the author and excerpt from this book in the January 2017 issue of AromaCulture Magazine.