about aromaculture

AromaCulture is an educational hub for aromatherapists, herbalists and those who just love and/or want to learn more about therapeutic plants and the products that are made from them. Here are a few of the educational resources we offer:

Our monthly magazine is filled with educational articles, case studies and recipes written by practicing herbalists, certified aromatherapists, and holistic healthcare professionals.

Our founder, Erin Stewart, publishes a new educational article to the blog every Tuesday.

Our podcast features a new interview with a leading herbalist, aromatherapist, or plant-based business owner every Thursday.

meet the team

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Our founder, Erin Stewart, is an herbalist, NAHA certified aromatherapist, and organic gardener. She grows over 150 kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants for her own apothecary (not counting her Lavender varietal collection) and distills essential oils and hydrosols in her PNW garden.

Erin is also an artist and photographer and is a professional member of NAHA. You can find her teachings about Herbal Aromatherapy™ in select issues of AromaCulture Magazine and on the blog.

As an herbalist and herbal aromatherapist™, Erin is committed to teaching her students about using herbal products in their many different forms in a way that is effective, safe and sustainable, from the seed to the apothecary. She teaches Herbal Aromatherapy™ and other subjects at Floranella.

Erin is available for local Herbal Aromatherapy™ consultations and also does consulting work for authors and business owners.

Jonathan Stewart is an organic gardener, artisan woodworker, and herbalist. He is the host of AromaCulture’s Herbs & Oils Podcast and works alongside our magazine contributors and advertisers to develop high quality, educational content for AromaCulture Magazine.

Jon grows herbs and edibles alongside Erin in their organic garden and enjoys teaching about health and well-being, sustainable woodworking for the organic garden, and growing and using herbs effectively.

As an artisan woodworker, Jon offers custom, handmade cedar planter boxes, raised beds, and unique home decor pieces to gardeners and garden shops around the country. He enjoys cultivating different varieties of Japanese Maple trees as well as herbs, fruits and veggies.

Jon offers business and sales consulting online and teaches gardening, foraging, woodworking, and business principles related to maximizing efficiency and increasing sales.